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Patient Testimonials

Ani M.

She did a perfect job, we were at Macy’s for a eye exam, it was the most complete exam ever.

- Ani M.

Youngbok L.

It is my first time seeing Dr. Sim, and I found her to be friendly, helpful, and knowledgable.She takes time to listen and explained all the questions I had. She also helped me to understand all the procedures. Great location and easy parking. Her practice is inside the Lenscrafters in Burbank (in the Macys’ mall). Highly recommend this place!

- Youngbok L.

Lenscrafters Survey Results

Jun 21, 2017 – I was very very please and satisfied with my Optometry Appointment. I was referred by my Medicare Advantage Health Insurance and couldn’t be happier with this Doctor. She spent nearly an hour with me, giving such a thorough examination. Her assistants were very attentive and helpful, helping me select a new pair of glasses. I highly recommend Dr. Van Le Sim and Lenscrafters located in the Macy’s in Burbank!

- Anonymous Survey

Valerie B.

After two years it was time to get a new pair of glasses. I am under my mom’s insurance and her insurance changed therefore we had to find a new optometrist to go to. This location is located inside the mall in Macy’s on the first floor. The staff are great and making appointments was no hassle. They also have a great selection of frame to choose from, from having the basics to the high end brands.

I also made another appointment for contacts as it was going to be my first time wearing them. The contact fitting session is $45 and it comes with the training first time contact wearers need as well as a week worth of contacts so you can see whether or not you wanna buy it. The staff and Dr. Sim was very patient with me. It literally took me over an hour and half to put and take out the contacts. The process was a bit frustrating at first since I’ve never put a foreign object in my eye but I’ve been wearing them on and off for a over a month now and it’s going well!

As for delivery everything was pretty fast. I ordered my glasses on a Saturday and picked it up a week later. For my contacts, I ordered it on a a Tuesday and they said it would take about a week, but I got in on Friday, same week.

In total I came here for three visits. First visit was for the eye exam and to order glasses. Second was to pick up the glasses and for the contact fitting. And the third visit was for follow ups with the contacts. Overall I’m satisfied with their service. I definitely recommend!

- Valerie B.